Welcome to the blog for FAMILYYA! This blog acts as an extension of FAMILYYA, giving access to our lessons and by connecting to a wider Filipino-American and Catholic audience. This blog will also inform you of special events that FAMILYYA will be hosting.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to FAMILYYA

Hello all!

Welcome to FAMILYYA- the Family, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry of the Chapel of San Lorenzo Ruiz in New York City!

FAMILYYA aims to bring the Filipino-American Catholic community of New York closer together through meaningful lessons on the liturgy and through service.


  • The main focus of FAMILYYA will be on the spiritual aspects of the Catholic faith by attending First Friday Mass and the Friday novena and teaching participants about liturgy. These lessons will be taught by Chapel Moderator Rev Dr. Joseph G. Marabe, JCD.


  • Participants will also be trained in the parts of the Mass, including training them to be lectors, choir members, altar servers, and ushers. With these skills, participants of FAMILYYA will sponsor Mass every first Friday.


  • FAMILYYA will focus on the social aspect of the Chapel by hosting fellowship after Friday novena and First Friday Mass and hosting other events including a concert series. The Chapel also represents a cultural hub as it is the only chapel in America designated for the Filipino community.